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BackboneAI automates the data connections between manufacturers, distributors and suppliers using advanced AI technology and collaboration features.
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What Is Supply
Chain Automation?

$25 trillion in global supply chains rely on companies exchanging spreadsheets with each other by email. This outdated way of doing business causes billions in errors, delays and shipping errors. BackboneAI fixes this by directly connecting manufacturers, distributors and retailers to each other with real time collaboration and data automation features. Advanced artificial intelligence databots complete the most difficult data transformation operations automatically so supply chain data teams get more done.

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Databots That Transform Your Data

BackboneAI’s growing library of pre-programmed databots automate the most complex, labor-intensive parts of the data journey. This includes assessments, normalization, data correction and more. Backbone AI databots require no IT resources to activate and can be launched within hours.

AI That Improves Your Data Quality

BackboneAI’s databots create dynamic assessments of your product data quality and provide helpful context of industry standrds. Our assessments help you identify opportunities for improvement and track your data transformation journey.

Easy Databot Management

Supply chain data teams are buried under mountains of grueling data processing work. BackboneAI databots automate the repetitive data operations allowing your data team to focus on the most important and high priority activities.

Dynamic Workflow Management

Work processes for supply chain data can be messy and unstructured. BackboneAI’s platform has structure workflows that help keep teams focused and productive. The workflow tools were designed by data professionals with decades of experience in supply chain data.

Powerful Collaboration Features

Supply chain data work involves complicated coordination between teams. Countless hours are wasted with missed emails, bad instructions and broken communications. BackboneAI provides one place for manufacturers and distributors to communicate, collaborate on data flows and deliver data much faster than ever before.

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