March 16: BackboneAI announces major company milestones......150+ suppliers covered, 3k product categories, new office in Atlanta, first product automations launched.

Automation For Your Intercompany Product Data Flows

Get More Value From Your Data

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Faster Data Processing

Unify data from diverse sources, normalize it using automation and map it to different required templates. Accelerate the time it takes to get product data activated in online catalogs.

Deeper Data Visibility

Get deeper insight into the quality of your data files and identify opportunities for improvement. Track the entire data file journey from initial data requests to complete data transformation.

AI-Powered Data Processes

Our platform uses a variety of techniques including machine learning, programmatic automation and NLP to accelerate your product data transformation journey, reducing friction and enabling productive collaboration.

Empowered Data Teams

Evolve the role of your data team from reactive & tactical to strategic & proactive. Our platform enables these teams to significantly increase their monthly throughput of suppliers and SKUs processed.

Why are companies using BackboneAI?

BackboneAI uses advanced cognitive automation and natural language processing to solve one of the hardest technical problems in enterprise automation.
The company has built unique capabilities for acquiring data from thousands of data sources, ingesting them in real time and mapping them to internal, mission-critical applications such as ERP and BI tools.


  • Data Silos
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Time Delays
  • Overworked Teams
  • Operational Risks
  • Limited Visibility
  • Minimal Standardization


  1. Unified Data
  2. Real-Time Data Synchronization
  3. Fast Connectivity
  4. Mitigated Risks
  5. Full Visibility
  6. Increased Standardization
  7. Productive Teams