BackboneAI, an intercompany data automation platform, announces today the launch of “Accelerate,” a new product suite that brings greater efficiency and transparency to supply chains. Accelerate transforms supplier and customer relationships through real-time data synchronization, fast API connectivity, and regulatory integration, bringing greater operational efficiency to companies with supply chains of physical products. The company makes supplier and customer data smarter by using machine learning technology to integrate product data from various sources, both within and beyond a company. AccelerateThe platform can be configured and deployed quickly within a one to two months, a fraction of the time it takes to implement a new ERP system.

Transform Your Supply Chain With Intercompany Data Automation

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Intelligent Product Data

Make your intercompany product data smarter. Process product data from various sources and standardize it across internal systems and the supply chain. Intelligent data is reliable and accurate enabling further process automation. 

Fast Implementation

Deploy quickly at scale and accelerate the productivity of your data teams without the need for long, expensive consulting projects. BackboneAI implementations are very easy for your IT team.

AI-Enabled Processes

Use proven artificial intelligence technology such as cognitive automation and natural language processing to accelerate your data management for different uses, teams, divisions and companies. This will reduce data friction and enabling more accurate information.

Empowered Data Teams

Automating your intercompany product data flows transforms the role of data teams from tactical to strategic. Their role will evolve from cost centers to strategic growth engines. Team productivity will surge as they can accomplish more.

Why are companies using BackboneAI?

BackboneAI uses advanced cognitive automation and natural language processing to solve one of the hardest technical problems in enterprise automation.
The company has built unique capabilities for acquiring data from various data sources, ingesting them in real time and harmonizing the data streams into different schemas. The data then can be delivered to a network of customers.


  • Data Silos
  • Manual Data Input
  • Inconsistent Data Distribution
  • Time Delays
  • Overworked Teams
  • Operational Risk
  • Limited Visibility
  • Minimal Standardization


  1. Unified Data
  2. Full Data Distribution
  3. Real-Time Data
  4. Fast Connectivity
  5. Mitigated Risk
  6. Complete Visibility
  7. Increased Standardization
  8. Productive Teams