Accelerate Your Product Sales With BackboneAI Databots

Upgrade your supply chain data by automating data flows between manufacturers, distributors and customers.
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Our Databots Automate Your Supply
Chain Data Processing

  • 01

    Manufacturer Data Collection

  • 02

    Quality Assessment

  • 03

    Ingestion & Transformation

  • 04

    Distributor and Retailer Delivery


  • Submission Consolidation

    Unify your manufacturer data from different locations into one refined file.
  • Initial Assessment

    Complete a quick flash assessment of file(s) for a manufacturer data submission.
  • Primary Attribute Enrichment

    Upgrade key primary attributes including general information, pricing and shipping information.
  • Delivery Auditing

    Analyze and approve data files that are being delivered to different data recipients like distributors and retailers.

    Activate XML feeds from manufacturer applications to receive live data that can be processed.

    Perform detailed content assessments with manufacturer data to identify areas for improvement.
  • Rich Media Attribute Enrichment

    Upgrade rich media attribute fields like images and CAD files so that they are more usable by distributor and retailer data teams.
  • Taxonomy Auditing

    Review and evaluate existing data based on the taxonomy quality of each product.
  • Attribute Labels Enrichment

    Upgrade data field labels from file submissions so that they are easier for automation to work with.
  • Image Quality Assessements

    Evaluate the quality of large volumes of images for quality and usability.
  • Product Description Customization

    Review hundreds or thousands of product descriptions for their quality and usability based on distributor requirements.

    Monitor and certify when critical fields like «Country of Origin» are changed. Very useful for government sales.

What Are
BackboneAI Databots?

Databots are automation programs that have been designed by industry experts with decades of experience in supply chain data. They require no IT resources to use and significantly improve the productivity of your supply chain data teams.

Easy Databot Management

Our databots works together to automate the menial data tasks so that teams can be freed up to work on higher value, strategic tasks. The databots are integrated directly into the BackboneAI platform and work with the click of a button. You can track progress of the databots in real time and see the results of their processing work.

Databots Transform Raw Files Into Load Ready Data For Any PIM

Data quality is critical for the online and offline sales of your products. BackboneAI’s Databots create dynamic assessments of your product data quality while providing industry insights and sugestions for improvement.

There Are Different Types
Of Bots For Your Needs


Data quality is extremely important. These databots use preprogrammed algorithms to evaluate supplier data for a wide variety of characteristics including image quality fill rates.


There are lots of actions involved in the data journey. These dababots work side by side with your team to automate the grueling, repetitive tasks involved in normalizing and cleansing supply chain data.


Data destinations can have complex and very specific data formats that are required for easy data delivery. These databots map source data to destination templates.

Databot Benefits


Databots can do the routine, labor intensive data tasks so that your data team can focus on more strategic and high impact work.


Every company has unique data requirements that can include field update tracking and de-duplication operations. Databots can be programmed to complete these tasks.


Automation of high volume data tasks can ensure that they are done as accurately every time. This minimizes the need for time consuming quality audits.


Speed up your supply chain data flows with databots. This can enable your team to process larger volumes of data faster.