Intelligent Automation that Enriches and Synchronizes Data with Suppliers & Customers

Product Detail Pages

Get a unified, real time view of all the information about a product from your different systems. This can include product descriptions, inventory codes, rich media content (images & videos), associated PDF documents, supplier/customer company information & more. 

Data Ingestion Manager

Powerful tools for managing the ingestion of data from lots of different internal and external data sources. Each data “task” can be tracked, categorized, flagged and routed to team members. This gives all team members a shared view of all tasks in process and completed.

Search & Product Manager

Perform a wide range of different parametric product searches on any criteria, including product categories, processing status, compliance types and more. Data team members can also perform bulk actions on groups of products like flagging for supplier/customer review.

Supplier Scorecards

Data quality is the foundation of high quality, automated intercompany data flows. BackboneAI tracks supplier data qualities like accuracy, frequency of updates, corrections, speed of supplier response on corrections to provide real time scores about supplier data quality.

BackboneAI Benefits

Easily Integrate With Your Applications

Quickly integrate with a wide array of data sources and applications with minimal work required by IT or engineering.

One Complete Source of Truth

Synchronize your supplier & customer data in real time across lots of applications so that every team has the same information.

Real Time Quality Monitoring

Ensure that the data flowing from suppliers & customers is high quality and flowing reliably where it needs to go.

Customizable For Your Needs

Use pre-programmed BackboneAI solutions to quickly launch data automation for your unique needs and business processes.

Better Compliance Data

BackboneAI data automation can incorporate a wide range of compliance frameworks into your supplier and customer data quickly and accurately.