Intercompany Automation for Your Company’s Needs

Fast Implementation of Customized Processes.

Product Catalogues

Increase your revenue and reduce your operational costs by automating data flows between suppliers and your internal systems that include ERP, WMS and CMS. Ensure that all of your content information used by Marketing, Sales and eCommerce is complete and up to date.

Industrial Products

Accelerate your growth and profits with automation that connects large numbers of supplier data flows with your ERP and WMS. Automate connections between your main product databases and 3rd party special applications that include regulatory compliance.

Construction Management

Improve your timelines and cost management on construction projects of all sizes using automated data flows with vendors of all kinds. Power your construction cloud application with more complete, real time supplier data and track their data quality.

Food & Beverage

Manage vendors of all kinds more effectively and track the product & data quality of those vendors. Identify good and bad providers and make better buying decisions based on real time, fresh information. Track & resolve food and produce issues in days instead of months.

eCommerce Management

Drive faster online sales growth by automating data flows from all of your suppliers. This includes product information, rich media content, specifications and even changing inventory levels. Can connect information about products directly in your ERP and CMS systems.

Provenance Tracking

Improve your global supply chain compliance with government regulations, environmental sustainability, and other frameworks through effective provenance tracking.